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Fashionzig: requiem for the suit and tie

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How much more individual can you get than choosing the fabric and cut of your made-to-measure suit? Vest, tie and shirt from De Scale. (photo: maeshelle west-davies)

“Are we going to be run over by hoodie wearing, young hip entrepreneurs in stylish sneakers that celebrate their facial hair?”

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Kevin and millennial love and sex

in Philosophies/Poetry by

I met Kevin Dublin when he was 22 and I was a little bit older, I think at some university poetry event he’d invited me to in Wilmington, N.C. Me, practically still a rookie reporter but already on the verge of a burnout, a caustic combination of neurotic and hard-partying, running a newspaper-hosted poetry blog…

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Meeting the elusive Pam de Bahr

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Last Saturday, Leipzig-based American artist Maeshelle West-Davies invited me to meet up with her on Eisenbahnstraße. She was touring the neighborhood as part of Leipzig Stadtteilexpeditionen, headed by Diana Wesser. In it, people join up in groups to go around and get to know the different communities in Leipzig, one at a time, talking to locals at stands and…

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