The art of assertiveness


Assertiveness. It’s a word that is so in vogue lately but, paradoxically, with so little actual practical application. Being assertive means much more than just saying the right thing at the most appropriate time. To be assertive is also to know to keep quiet when necessary. Or to refrain from engaging in fights that do


Your most important relationship ever


The most important relationship in your life is between you and… yourself. Not your parents, not your kids, your partner, God, your money, whatever. None of these. Just you and you. Think back to your last breakup, the time when you drew a hard line in the sand. Whether it was with a person, with


Ask Prudence: Connection and Boundaries


Dear Prudence, I am a Master’s student at Uni Leipzig and I have been here since the start of the first semester in October. However, I am struggling to meet people outside of my class. Especially with restrictions limiting our access to other people anyway! I am looking both for friends and potential partners. Where


Death of a childhood friend, one year on

"I've become desperate to simply go about my life without needing an explanation, to be fine realizing it's impossible to know what's next."


Ride the wave: random poem Tuesdays

“So maybe this random poem found on a Tuesday still means something to me. And maybe it will speak to you, too.”


Polyamory and finding your own way of loving


"Over the past few years, polyamory has been seeping into the mainstream and, as so often with new things, is quickly relegated to being a trend and linked to a loss of values in the younger generation."