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Today – is it all we really have?

in Philosophies by

Had Death been roaming our city that night in search of a casual victim?

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On bad bread and “neoliberalism”

in Opinion/Society by

A “neoliberalism” that is neither new nor liberal? A reply to Harald Köpping.

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Keep calm and look up the Queen on Wikipedia

in Culture / Entertainment/Philosophies by
The Queen’s portrait in the backstage area of Moritzbastei, Leipzig. Photo: Maximilian Georg

Everything you wanted to know about the Queen of England, the world’s oldest historical people, and politicians’ candy drawers but were afraid to ask.

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On democracies and dictatorships – a reply

in Opinion/Politics by
Mao. Public domain image

Daniel Leon, we need to talk about China.

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German journalists on Trumpocalypse

in Opinion/Politics by

How did the German press immediately react to Trump’s win?

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Still the New World: a German discovers “America”

in Philosophies/Travel by
Old map. Public domain photo

“I left each place with fascination – and bewilderment.”

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