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Fashionzig: second-hand paradise

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Leipzig is a a paradise for those who appreciate second-hand shopping, flea markets and environmentally conscious fashion. (Public domain photo)

Rummaging through the shelves of Leipzig is like a little girl playing dress-up in her grandmother’s wardrobe. Sometimes you have to dig deep and wait over ten minutes for the next tram to the next flea market, but finding that perfect piece (ahem, eye hologram necklace) is worth the over ten minute wait.

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Top 5 highlights of the Designers’ Open (#do16)

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Designers' Open | Photo: Stefan Hopf

More than a perfectly curated exhibit, the DO is an open space and market.

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Two days in Leipzig: a design guide

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It was a unique task: to tailor a Leipzig experience for a guy who writes about (and coherently lives) a very aesthetic Scandinavian lifestyle.

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Milan Fashion Week: in the streets

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Fashion Desginer Ichiopachita and fashion photographer Coral Castillo Mar show us what people were wearing at Milan Fashion Week SS17.

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Fashionzig: heat up your autumn with burgundy

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Burgundy marigold.

Just like wine, the fashionable colour is a dark, rich shade of red that represents not only elegance, but also courage and passion.

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Fashionzig: 5 basic tips for your ideal style

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Lenka Seresova, who writes about fashion, style, beauty. http://leipglo.com

At the end of the day, it is all about trial and error and seeing what works for you and what you feel fierce and confident in.

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