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Entrepreneurship as Black and person of color (BPoC) in Germany

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Starting your own business can be both an exciting and scary experience, to be sure. That is so perhaps especially when living in a foreign country or in a country where you’re not considered part of the majority. This Thursday evening, you can hear from four founders what it has been like to pursue entrepreneurship as a Black person or person of color (BPoC) in Germany.

The Afro-German Academics Network (ADAN e.V.) has partnered up with the German-American Institute Saxony (DAIS) to bring these founders together in an event at the GRASSI Museum in Leipzig. Ropafadzo Murombo (Feniska), William Chitangala (Kayo-Kayo &, Janine Heinrich (Beni Bena), and Michel Ramanarivo (Klickwunder) will talk about their experiences in entrepreneurship, how they navigate within this sector, and why they chose a career path in self-employment. The goal is to help motivate BPoC to broaden their perspective in their career aspirations and increase the visibility of BPoC entrepreneurs in Germany. The event’s moderator will be Nora Chirikure, founding member of the Sangano Black Business Hub in Germany.

Entry is free and you can choose to attend either in person or online. No pre-registration is necessary if you want to come to GRASSI in person for the event, but for the live stream, you should register in advance via the DAIS website. A Q&A session and get-together will follow the panel, so there will be the possibility to network with the participants.

The event has a bilingual element to it. Although the discussion will be mostly in German, some panelists are more proficient in English. As such, the moderator will coordinate the panel discussion in such a way that the particular questions and answers in English will be directly translated, and vice-versa. Event attendees can feel free to ask questions in German or in English.

Event: The Black Experience: BPoC in Entrepreneurship

When: Thu Jul 15th 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Where: Yard of the GRASSI Museum, Johannispl. 5-11, 04103 Leipzig; OR online (live stream and Q&A) via registration
Admission: Free. GRASSI asks that you check in at the entrance, wear a mask and keep your distance when around other people at the event, due to Corona-related regulations and concerns.


“The Black Experience: BPoC in Entrepreneurship”* ist eine Veranstaltung welche vom Afro-Deutschen Akademiker Netzwerk (ADAN e.V.) in Kooperation mit dem Deutsch-Amerikanischen Institut Sachsen (DAIS) und dem GRASSI Museum in Leipzig kuratiert wird. Die Veranstaltung am 15. Juli 2021 von 18-20 Uhr beleuchtet BPoC Unternehmertum in Deutschland. Unter der Moderation von Nora Chirikure (Sangano Black Business Hub) werden die vier Schwarzen Gründer:innen Ropafadzo Murombo (Feniska), William Chitangala (Kayo-Kayo &, Janine Heinrich (Beni Bena) und Michel Ramanarivo (Klickwunder) von ihren Erfahrungen im Unternehmertum sprechen, wie sie innerhalb dieses Sektors navigieren, und warum sie einen Karriereweg in der Selbstständigkeit gewählt haben. Das Ziel ist es dazu beizutragen BPoC* zu motivieren ihre Perspektive in ihren Karrierebestrebungen zu erweitern und die Sichtbarkeit von BPoC Unternehmer:innen in Deutschland zu erhöhen.

Die Veranstaltung wird ein Live-Publikum haben und wird auch online per Livestream zu sehen sein. Die Anmeldung für den Livestream erfolgt online. Alternativ kann man auch vor Ort am Event teilnehmen.

*BPoC: Black and Person of Color

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