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WGT Goth Festival 25 years young

in Culture / Entertainment/Leipzig by

More than your stereotypical Goth at WGT 2016 Victorian Village.

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Guide to Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2016

in Culture / Entertainment/My Leipzig by

Where to find the coolest events related to the world’s biggest gothic fest, running in Leipzig this weekend.

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Follow the night this long weekend

in Events by

Even if you are not a Eurovision fan, this long weekend will be full of music.

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Wave Gotik: Schoeneberg sisters

in Culture / Entertainment/Events/My Leipzig by

Sisters tell how they both came to love WGT from different starting points.

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Out of the shadows…

in Culture / Entertainment/Events/Leipzig by

…and into the (day)light.

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Leipzig Events: Out of the shadows…

in Culture / Entertainment/Events by

…and into the (day)light.

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