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Do you believe in summer in Germany? It does exist: Everything is blooming, birds are singing, the sun is shining and keeps filling our faces with happy smiles. I guess it’s not only me getting “spring” fever due to that?! Since the chances of meeting interesting women and men are much higher now, thoughts about where to take them in order to get – and give – the optimal first date are also turning up a little more often now.

Since my single-life period seems to keep beating its longevity record, I feel like an expert in finding extraordinary places to date. Having coffee interview-based first dates is not what I’m experienced at. The ones I will focus on in this column are sure to give you a multifaceted impression of your counterpart.

Bike trip to Cossi (Cospudener See)

The Cossi, Google Images
The Cossi, Google Images.

You want to find out if your date is spontaneous, athletic and does not care too much about his/her looks which might get a little ruined while riding a bike through the forest?

Take him/her to the Cospudener Lake. Meet up somewhere in the city and start taking a little bike trip through the Auewald. While moving your body and experiencing the beautiful countryside you will have other things to talk about than the usual superficial getting to know each other questions. This little trip will take away the distance between you.

Important: Don’t forget to bring a little blanket!

At the lake you can get something to eat and drink or just lay your blanket down on some nice and quiet place at the beach and keep finding out if the person sitting next to you is worth sliding a bit closer to.

Something you also need to keep in mind: during summertime mosquitos take over the lake. Romantic approaches might get disturbed. By grabbing a mosquito spray out of your bag, you might impress to the fullest.

Public domain photo, Pixabay.
Public domain photo, Pixabay.

Late night picnic at the Völki (Völkerschlachtdenkmal)

Outside view of Völki , photo by A. Ribeiro
Outside view of the Völki, photo by A. Ribeiro

If you feel like having a romantic encounter, you should consider this. During the day, this favourite Leipzig sight is crowded with tourists. But in the dark, usually only a few insiders feel like visiting this special place.

After sunset a number of spotlights illuminate the memorial and the little lake in front of it. Altogether this creates a really smoochy atmosphere.

Pack a blanket (and 2 pillows if cold outside), tea candles, a bottle of wine and some snacks. Your date will be so impressed by this!

At the Völki you can decide whether you want to take a seat on the steps on the way to the monument’s top and enjoy the beautiful view over the Leipzig city lights, or just sit down in front of the lake and watch this awesome building. Now it’s up to you to start talking about the history of it or start your own history with the person sitting next to you.

Miniature golf at Clara Park

clara park
Clara Park, Wikimedia Commons.

If the way your date behaves in public and his/her competitive spirit are something you would like to determine right at the beginning, take him/her to Clara-Zetkin-Park.

After a little walk along the beautiful green meadows you will check in at the BSV AOK Leipzig miniature golf course.

The two of you will trudge round all the parkours. Since you shouldn’t be the only guests at the court, there is lots of time for little talks between the golfing rounds.

Something also not so irrelevant: if you feel like staying in close proximity with your date, just ask for some practical help while playing. In case you realize during the match that he/she is not exactly the person you are looking for, the finish line of the parkour would be the perfect place for a goodbye. If it proves otherwise you can plan further locations to get to know your date better.

LoveLy is in her early thirties, lives in Leipzig and is experiencing single life in this bubbly town. She will give you an inside into her dating culture experiences.

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