Leipzig Events: A weekend of live music at Poniatowski, Flowerpower, Cospudner See


I was going through the Facebook events in my growing collection (your potential for a social life does tend to improve when you start announcing events on your blog), and event listing contributions by reader Marjon Borsboom, and decided to post this right now. There are a lot more live music events going on in Leipzig this weekend, and I don’t pretend to know or remember them all, but can give you some pointers regarding things that are brought to my attention…

The basement where the cultural events such as open mics and live music take place at Poniatowski. (From https://www.facebook.com/PoniatowskiLeipzig)
The basement where open mics and live music happen at Poniatowski. (facebook/PoniatowskiLeipzig)

Friday (July 24) at 9 p.m., Captain Katze goes and plays at Flowerpower (Riemannstraße 42). You can just walk straight in (the event page specifies “free entry”) and squeeze your way in there, possibly meeting very interesting characters (which has invariably been my experience at Flowerpower, especially in the wee hours). How late you will stay if you go there is up to you, of course, but what this band does is described as a “punky reggae party” and “reggaebilly.” Could the effects of that last long after the main party is over?

Ah, choices. For the same Friday and Saturday (July 25), Poniatowski (Kreuzstraße 15 ) has got you covered. Marie Chain will perform Friday at 8 p.m., “telling stories live at the piano;” she’s “a German soul singer, pianist and composer. She comes from the Leipzig surroundings and currently lives in Berlin, where she is working on her new album, inspired by life experiences and travels through Europe and West Africa.” Then Saturday, also at 8 p.m., is Shanghai Postman‘s turn to give a show there. He is described as “an amazing alternative solo-indie rock performance from France,” making an appearance at Poniatowski during his tour, fortunately for Leipzig-area folks.

Sunday (July 26) it’s time to hang outside by the lake and dance and play… all day? (Hopefully the weather will cooperate.) It’s the Th!nk? Festival at Cospudner See Nordstrand, running from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Electronic music and plenty of wet t-shirts, nice scenery… below is their preview video:

If you know of any other events you’d like to share, music-related or otherwise, please let us know via http://www.Facebook.com/leipglo (preferably with the link to the event page included).   

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