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July 22, 2015

#MoviesOmU: English language and other (foreign) movies in the original in Leipzig, July 22-29

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Here’s our regular listing of films being shown in English and other original foreign languages at Leipzig cinemas for this movie week. My recommendation this time around is the figuratively and at times literally dizzying movie Victoria. It’s mostly in English, shot in one take in real time in Berlin, and quite a cinematic achievement, in my opinion, packing the gamut of emotions within a mere two hours. I’d say avoid reading reviews about it, because it’s worth the surprise. Also on this week is the highly-rated documentary on Amy Winehouse, which I’m excited about.

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Special: Hanging at an open-air poetry slam in Leipzig

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Poetry and prose

Our LoveLy love columnist and I attended the LivelyriX open-air poetry slam at Leipzig’s Panometer last week and had a very fun time; she wrote about it, I photographed, and you can see the result of our collaboration here.

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