Poetry: “Collapsing new thoughts”



By Lady Gaby

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I can’t get off my arse

in this amazing collapsing paradise,

called Earth

I can’t open my eyes

to watch the fluttering ring of lies

I can’t utter the right words

if nobody corporate or political is listening

I can’t move opinions

if the thoughts are fake


I can’t turn on the light

to navigate a dark world

full of boundaries and hate

I can’t stop the guns from shooting at us in cold blood

I can’t breathe clean air on daily basis

when the climate is changing,

glaciers melting,

rain forests become wastelands

stormy breezes as devastating weapons

upon my environment, which is also yours and ours


Rivers can’t flow their way back home

dehydrated, they ask for our help

offering fish corpses full of lead and plastic

stranded on parched beaches that were once great seas


I can’t be part of the last generation to save our planet

from crumbling into dust,

disappearing into oblivion

turning its back to life

we can’t be the last


Let’s wake up together to smell the flowers

instead of rhetorical bullshit

from presidents who live to grab pussies

because they are famous and because they can

let’s wake up together and bring down

those whose shouts are louder than guns but kill in silence


let’s wake up together to make this world great and healthy again

cheer its dazzling vivid skies

and the day begins with a kiss on a cancer free skin

and ends by pecking the aura of falling stars, and not the lips of the ones that explode at night


time after time

I can’t be

that blink after blink

sigh after sigh

tear after tear

but I will try


time after time

I can’t be clueless after surviving

be hopeless after dreaming

be silent after weaving desire

be resilient after collapsing

be smart after failing

but I can try, again and again

join me

may I ASK?

© November 2018 Lady Gaby

Image © lowflyingdaisy
The traditional Bavarian celebration, transplanted to Lower Saxony. Image © Jordan Oelke
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