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#MoviesOmU: Movies in English and other original foreign languages in Leipzig, September 15-22


Here’s our regular listing of films being shown in English and other original foreign languages (with labels such as OmU, OF and OV) at Leipzig cinemas for this movie week. We are now running the list each Tuesday. Although not dubbed, the movies often come with German subtitles, so you can still access the movie if you don’t know the original language but know some German.

Sooooo? Did you see some fabulous flicks last week? This week there are two  more festivals! Here’s what’s on.

and there’s also film and theatre happening in OFFEUROPA. check here:

 So much culture. Go experience some before you discuss your thoughts over a beer or nice glass of wine.

new this week or my pics in the festival program:


Drama | USA/GB 2015 | Director: Baltasar Kormákur|English and in 3D!

Boys will be boys. How will strangers from all over the world tackle the mountain and mother nature?

Sun 20.09, Wed 23.09

Cinestar: 19:50

Mon 21.09

Regina Palast: 20:00

Private Revolutions

young, female, Eygyptian

Documentary | Austria 2014 | Director: Alexandra Schneider | English with German Subs

Tonight! and Wed 16.09

Cineding: Im Original | OmU 20:00

A Man Can Make A Difference (Law not war)

Historical Biograohical Documentary  | D 2015 | Regie: Ullabritt Horn

“It was cold-blooded mass murder, and I can prove it.” said Benjamin Ferencz 70 years ago to the chief prosecutor of the Nuremberg Trials. But Benjamin Ferencz is not only a witness. Because of his WWII experiences he fought against war itself  with the implementation of the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

Thur 17.09

Schauburg: 15. Filmkunstmesse | OmU 20:15

Zagreb Stories Vol. 2

Dark Comedy Sequel | Croatia/Slovenia 2012 | Directors: Hana Veček, Sara Hribar, Aldo Tardozzi u.a.| Croatian/Slovenian with English subs 20.09,

Cinémathèque in der naTo: Off Europa: Next Stop Hrvatska | Inklusive Einführung! 19:00


Drama | Croatia 2013 | Director: Nevio Marasović| Croatian with English subs

Sun 20.09

Cinémathèque in der naTo: Off Europa: Next Stop Hrvatska |Mit Einführung! 21:15


Valley Of Love

Drama | France 2015 | Regie: Guillaume Nicloux| French with German subs


Passage Kinos: 15. Filmkunstmesse | 21:30

Virgin Mountain

Dark Comedy | Iceland 2015 | Director: Dagur Kári | Icelandic with German subs


Passage Kinos: 15. Filmkunstmesse |21:45

Fri 18.09

Kinobar Prager Frühling: 15. Filmkunstmesse/Best Of | 21:30

held over from previous weeks (click title for trailer):


Documentary | GB 2015 | Director: Asif Kapadia| English with German subs

Sat 19.09

Kinobar Prager Frühling: 21:00

Sat 19.09, Sun 20.09

Schauburg: 17:30

Anni Felici

Drama | Italy/France 2013 | Director: Daniele Luchetti | Italian with German subs

Thur 17.09, Fri 18.09, Tue 22.09

Schaubühne Lindenfels: 20:00

Sun 20.09

Schaubühne Lindenfels:  19:00


Drama | India/France 2014 | Regie: Partho Sen-Gupta | original with German subs


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