Refugees Welcome: A Peperoncini for Christmas!



Do you still need to give someone a Christmas gift, and want to help refugees with the legal costs of getting asylum in Germany?

The Leipzig non-profit initiative Peperoncici Mini-Bürgschaften aims to help refugees pay their legal costs of petitioning for asylum through “Mini-Bürgschaften,” or small co-signature pledges. Therefore, the small support of several people allows a refugee, or a family of refugees, to cover the costs of hiring legal council and tread through the complicated EU/German asylum bureaucratic hurdles successfully.

As a Christmas gift, you can pledge from €10 onward on behalf of a loved one to help a refugee petition for asylum (around €500 is needed to hire an immigration lawyer). If the petition is successful, the refugee can stay and the co-signer gets his or her money back (since the state will have to take over the costs). If the petition is not successful, then the pledge money becomes a donation for a good cause.

Here is the form and further information on this great idea (in German).

– Daniel Leon


A political scientist who follows global events with pious devotion. A Venezuelan by virtue of being born in that interesting tropical place, but who has lived and studied in several places around the world. He will write some analysis on important global issues, especially if they have an impact on Germany or Leipzig.

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