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Yum Yum All You Can Eat 7€

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Yes, you read that right! I bet you’ve been wanting to try Syrian food and I know the one with the most selection, as well as being the cheapest. It’s called Al Baraka and it’s so so so yummy. Seriously, I’ve never tasted Tabouleh that good! There are lots of mains, mainly chicken, to try. We reserved and let them know I was vegetarian, so they roasted an entire tray of cauliflower, aubergine and other veggies just for me. Meanwhile there was plenty of salad, flat bread and hummus and rice for me to be entertained even if they hadn’t done the veggies. Did I mention the tabouleh?

The owner is so warm and you can feel the Arab hospitality. The walls are adorned with murals of Syria. You’ll leave there feeling full.

for reservations and opening times call 0157 84487545

Al Baraka 55 Eisenbahnstr




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