Refugees Welcome: Local girls can use your help


by maeshelle

There is a group of refugees at the Leipzig Trade Fair Center. They have access to showers and toilets, but are basically in one big room and have been since summer. Last I heard they didn’t have tram tickets and thought the little strip mall beside the Messe WAS Leipzig. Every Wednesday Elham and her friend Hella take their one night off and go there to help keep the refugees from going crazy, as any of us would in their situation. So far they’ve been relying on friends for donations.

Hands knitting green

They need, “Everything. Also we give them materials like yarn and needles, patchwork materials, games, cards,…just to help them to spend their time better.”

They would also welcome Arabic newspapers or magazines to help the refugees keep current. They ask that they be published in Germany, since neither of the girls speak Arabic and can’t check them for propaganda.

Contact Elham at to see how you can help. Don’t forget donations can always be transported by TIMMI.


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