ATOMHEARTMOTHER: dark side of the moo


Feral cows live around Fukushima. Atomic cows? Cowzilla? These wild cows are free of the economic process. Do they know? Will Cowzilla fight for the rights of cows outside the zone? Will their followers be the tourists who flock to Fukushima attracted by its radiation? Japan: dark side of the moo, where darkness is spreading at the speed of light.

ATOMHEARTMOTHER builds bridges between Germany and Japan, between art and cooking, between disaster and consumption. Come and partake of regional Japanese cuisine. Be transported to Fukushima.

There is a tunnel at the end of the light.

ATOMHEARTMOTHER opens at the Lofft Fri 17 June
ATOMHEARTMOTHER opens at the Lofft Fri 17 June

In a collaboration between Japanese performance group Futome and the Dance Theater Company bodytalk (Cologne) a post nuclear power plant incident dilemma is processed. 5 years on there are still conflicting reports as to the safety of seafood and plants grown in, around and outside of the official contamination zone. Futome performers eat as much contaminated food as possible in order to physically express the folly of the Japanese government’s requirement to keep the economy going by eating local, a furious performance in search of grip in the middle of horror.

Yes, our good friends at the Lofft continue to support projects that go to the heart of contemporary issues. That’s why we love them so.

Premiere: Fri, 17 June, 8.00pm
Shows: Sat, 18 June, 8.00pm and Sun, 19 June, 4.00pm
at the Lofft

New shows: Thur 6 Oct, Fri 7 Oct, Sat 8 Oct 8.00
Sat Special Cooking Workshop at 4.00



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