Stage: a sneak peek into euro-scene 2016


You’ll want to make plenty of room in your social schedule, because Leipzig is playing host to euro-scene for the next six days. Now in its 26th edition, the annual contemporary dance and theater festival features performers from all over Europe.

From 8-13 November, festivalgoers can enjoy an exciting diversity of top-notch acts, across some of Leipzig’s coolest venues.

This year’s lineup boasts 13 pieces from 10 different countries. They range from ballet and traditional theater to a puppet show and two kids’ performances.

The festival’s website offers detailed information about each of the shows, as well as video previews. So even those new to the dance scene can get a taste of the festival’s variety before they go.

Here are our picks for must-see performances and stages for each night of this year’s euro-scene:

F. Zawrel: erbbiologisch und sozial minderwertig
8 Nov 19:30

The festival opens this year with a puppet show from Viennese artist Nikolaus Habjan at Leipzig’s Schauspielhaus. But don’t expect “Punch and Judy” – this work deals with the very serious theme of euthanasia practices in Vienna during the Second World War.

Hailed as “one of the most shocking theater pieces of recent years,” this show is a must-see. The performance will be in German.

Helló, Zombi!
9 Nov 22:00

copyright euro-scene
copyright euro-scene

Those still in the Halloween spirit can catch this bizarre dance spectacle from Hungarian choreographer Ferenc Fehér at the Schauspielhaus on Wednesday and Thursday. The dance of the undead is making its German debut at euro-scene – and is sure to leave your skin crawling.

Bis and Ode to the Attempt
10 Nov 22:00

Dutch dancer and choreographer Jan Martens entertains viewers at LOFFT with two short pieces together.

First comes the dramatic “Bis” with 65-year-old dancer Truus Bronkhorst. It is then followed by “Ode to the Attempt,” a piece performed by Martens himself and containing multimedia elements.

Room Service
11 Nov 15:30-18:30

copyright euro-scene
copyright euro-scene

The InterCity Hotel Leipzig has a unique experience in store for visitors this Friday through Sunday. Festival guests can “check-in” at the front desk and move from hotel room to hotel room for a series of 12-minute performances.

The small “stages” only allow for a few audience members for each performance, so this will be one of the more intimate offerings at this year’s festival.

De Kartonbewoners
12 Nov 15:00

copyright euro-scene
copyright euro-scene

This contemporary dance piece from the Netherlands is the perfect piece for young euro-scene attendees. Choreographer Jack Timmermans’s performance for children is also making its German premiere at the Schauspielhaus. The piece follows a family building a home from boxes, and will be sure to delight.

13 Nov 17:00

Brussels-based Compagnie Ayelen Parolin brings dystopian and futuristic themes to the Oper Leipzig stage. This piece follows two “robots” breaking free from the machine and questioning society’s rules.

Performed Sunday at 17:00, this is the perfect piece to wrap up your festival week.

For more performances, showtimes and previews, visit the euro-scene website and Facebook page.

"Die Piraten" at Oper Leipzig. Photo: Lito Seizani
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