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Bridges of (Com)passion built in Leipzig

in Glocal/My Leipzig/Philosophies
Bridge at Karl Heine Canal, Leipzig.
Leipzig canals. Public domain photo

The kids’ own passions were ignited by inspiration in various literary and photographic genres, to form a fair, fresh, private philosophy of Leipzig oneness.

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WGT: Descent on Agra Park (and Dölitz)

in My Leipzig/What's on

“The population of Dölitz is 4,734. The number of tickets sold for this year’s WGT is somewhere in the region of 18,000, and the scale of change in neighbourhood demographics in Dölitz during this time is spectacular.”

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TransCentury Update: transcending time and genres

in Music/What's on
Midori Takada will be at this year's TransCentury Update

“For me, music has always been a vehicle for transporting emotions – good or bad, exciting or paralyzing.” Guest writer Lydia interviews Christian “Kirmes” Kühr, organizer of the upcoming TransCentury Update.

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euro-scene: Excavating Oskar Schlemmer

in Arts/Dance
Das Triadische Ballett by Oskar Schlemmer circa 1927

“For someone like me, an artist who studied interior design and uses movement as one of her mediums, to see The Triadic Ballet come to life was truly a treasure. It was something I never thought I’d experience. “

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LiveGlo with Felix Caz at WGT 2017

in My Leipzig/What's on

In the first episode of LiveGlo, Felix Caz gets up close and personal with the WGT crowd.

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Dance Transit 2017: Praha.Dresden.Leipzig

in Arts/Dance/O & P Highlights
SUPERNATURALS by Martina Hajdyla Lacová, Stano Dobák, photo: Vojtěch Brtnický

You never know what you’re going to get with a blind date. Usually friends fix you up. You can trust them, right?

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