Alexandra Athanasopoulou Köpping

"Good food makes good people". In her column, Alexandra will present the culinary diversity that exists in Leipzig by discovering new and exciting places to eat. She will also present the family recipes from people who live in Leipzig, as a way to show the cultural diversity that exists in this city.

#LeckerLeipzig: Special Tarte aux Pommes

That's not apple pie! That's Alexandra's Tarte aux Pommes et Caramel Beurre salé for #LeckerLeipzig!


A South African Typ and what he eats


Our culinary columnist today explores a South African friend's food culture, having learned a lot of interesting expressions, traditions and memories from his life she hadn't known before, but among which she found "incredible" commonalities with her own food culture.


Favorite childhood recipe from Greece

Our glocal culinary columnist today shares the recipe to her favorite dish as a child, associating it with lovely personal memories of nicer summers in Greece: "This dish makes me feel nostalgic not only for my childhood summers but also for the 90’s in Greece... a time of high hopes and expectations about a brighter


Italian surprise at Bacco 36

Check out how our glocal food columnist made the best out of the disappointing winter-like curveball thrown into her quest for the best ice cream in Leipzig, happening upon a piece of la dolce vita somehow.


A tasty alternative for people who crave but cannot eat regular sushi (such as pregnant women)

Our food columnist is a sushi lover and has been craving it, but cannot eat raw meat or fish, since she's pregnant - so what to do? She found a simple, yummy alternative we think you will love, too.