Alexandra Athanasopoulou Köpping

"Good food makes good people". In her column, Alexandra will present the culinary diversity that exists in Leipzig by discovering new and exciting places to eat. She will also present the family recipes from people who live in Leipzig, as a way to show the cultural diversity that exists in this city.

English Theatre Leipzig: Venus in Fur


Who is dominating whom?


Children’s shops: a Leipzig mum’s picks


Here in Leipzig, we may be far away from that ideal children's wonderland that exists on social media, but we still have a couple of nicely curated shops around.


The week(end) of light and inclusion

Summer solstice and fraternization await.


Alternatives to the Euro Cup

Groovy, baby: We've got a little something for everyone - sports fan or not.


First week-end of summer?

Let us hope... and in the meantime, have as much fun as possible in Leipzig!


Week-end is our best friend

Three Latin-American-themed parties, two barbecues, two flea markets. Let's hope the weather will follow.

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