Peter Seaton-Clark

Peter is a professional actor. Film credits this year include Uncharted with Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg, and Antonio Banderas, The Expert at the Card Table, and the award-winning short film, Swiped, which he both starred in and co-produced. He can shortly be seen in The Net opposite Amanda Abbington, and will be filming several episodes of a new international streaming series in November. He is the founder of Offstimme which has become one of Germany’s largest voiceover agencies.

Eden: Paradise lost or community theatre at its core?


It was clear that this was a production that people cared about and were engaged with. But if the actors on stage don’t believe the words coming out of their mouth, how is the audience supposed to?


ETL’s Scab delivers chalk and cheese


I have a thing about theatre. I want it to be either utterly exhilarating and breathtakingly brilliant or so lamentably, gut-twistingly inept as to be a delicious and hilarious spectacle. That’s probably quite mean. It’s also probably quite true of a lot of people. Theatre can take you on a journey that film can’t. You


ETL’s Arden: making Shakespeare accessible


Arden, the new play by English Theatre Leipzig. Shakespeare, as we all know, is a difficult thing to pull off. Selecting which play to do can be a challenge in and of itself. Here, English Theatre Leipzig chose to adapt “As You Like It”, a play probably better known for some of its quotes than