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#EditorDrawer: “Vignettes of a final parting”

Check out the very personal post – about moving away, losing love and learning to be a better human being – I wrote for the blog of The Lingo Guy, my fellow Leipzig Writer and columnist Stewart Tunnicliff: “Vignettes of a Final Parting.” ( 


My travel photography @ Napa Valley

After spending most of the day outside in the sun on this indescribably lovely "Frühling ist hier" Sunday in Leipzig, I decided to virtually travel back to another quite lovely time, an earlier escape into the land of sun, rolling hills, endless fields and spiked nectar... and to share it with you here.


Photography: “The Children of Milagro”

From Alan Burgess: "I’ve been an artist of one sort or another for much of my life. My work, whether it be visual or literary, has usually had some sort of agenda or thrust. I had little use for or experience with the idea of creating anything for the sheer joy of creating. It’s like