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Tips for Leipzig living or exploring.

Sunday brunch in Leipzig, anyone?

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I remember my first brunch. I  lived in Atlanta and a group of us went to the cutest little house that had been converted into a restaurant. The food, laughs and mimosas were endless. Sunday is the perfect day to brunch, and Leipzig has more and more on offer. But what can we expect? Well,…

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Schleußig: Leipzig’s best-kept secret

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Yep, Leipzig is awesome. In general. But some neighbourhoods are clearly more awesome than others. Today I want to to tell you about SchleuĂźig, which I think is one of Leipzig’s most amazing areas. No, that is not just because I live there, but as you’ll see, SchleuĂźig arguably has more to offer than any…

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Guide to emergencies and doctors
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A list of English-speaking doctors in Leipzig compiled from our community’s recommendations. Also some Arabic, French, Spanish, Dutch and Persian-speakers.

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LeckerLeipzig: Hit the B10

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Screenshot from the B10 Web site.

The chef “traded a life filled with celebs (e.g. Lenny Kravitz and Hillary Clinton) for a steady life in Leipzig, so he could be with his little girl. And for his second lovechild, B10, he settled on our very own Number 10, at Beethovenstraβe.”

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5 Gems of Gohlis

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Super dog friendly Gohlis. (Photo: Stewart Tunnicliff)

Which is your favourite quarter of Leipzig? Stewart gives us 5 of the reasons he lives in Gohlis.

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5 small things that made me love Leipzig

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Karl Helga, Leipzig Plagwitz. Samuel Peters, flickr user.

When you fall in love with a city, it is not the big things, but it’s the small things that matter – the things that did not make it into your Baedeker.

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