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Relearning how to live (with the ‘other’)

in Politics/Refugees by

“Because we barely know the personal stories of the refugees, we tend to not see them as peers. But… behind our ‘worries’ is also racism, classism and other expressions of prejudice.”

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Continental Subway: Purposeful Randomness

in Music/Podcast by

Gon Von Zola, Ana Beatrice Ribero and me, riding David Dichelle’s Continental Subway.

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The former Soviet Pavillion

in Cityscapes/History by

Relic or space of the future? a look at the Russian Pavillion

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AfD changes Germany’s political landscape

in Opinion/Party/Politics by

The results of parliamentary elections in three German states have caused shock and bewilderment with Germany’s traditional parties.

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Leipzig’s urban prairie, dream spaces

in Cityscapes/History by

Apart from intellectual and entrepreneurial freedom, Leipzig exhibits another type of freedom that is the envy of every growing metropolis: spatial freedom.

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