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Poems: the door to the soul?

in Philosophies/Poetry
Photo credit: yeahbouyee via / CC BY 2.0

What is best when shared? A taxi, food? Words, thoughts, perceptive perspectives. Lito Seizani shares poetic observations with us.

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Teaching ancient Greek to a 4-year-old

in Literature/Reviews
Ancient Greek vase
Image by coursousa, Pixabay

Looking for a unique gift to give a smart and curious little one you happen to know?

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A Greek person’s guide to the Greek islands

in Philosophies/Travel
Greek islands
Corfu - Pixabay

What do different Greek islands have to offer, and what is our author’s favorite?

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3 existential poems: tourist, victim, phoenix

in Philosophies/Poetry
existential poems
Urban art. Public domain photo.

If taken together and interpreted a certain way, these poems may paint the picture of an individual who is discovering that depending on external validation is a dead-end; the small moments and aspects of ourselves we learn to treasure are what matters.

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Photo art: Ana Beatriz Ribeiro
Photo art: Ana Beatriz Ribeiro

Our contributors The team managing or producing our content embody the glocal spirit of this webzine. All are based in increasingly cosmopolitan Leipzig or have a strong connection to the city, and also international experience. They sport diverse nationalities, backgrounds and interests. They’ll be regularly taking on topics they’re passionate about from their own…

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Leather, paper, feather – castles

in History/Literature/Travel
  • Moritzburg.jpg?fit=1020%2C576&ssl=1
    Moritzburg Castle, Germany. (Photo: Lito Seizani)
  • schwerin-castle.jpg?fit=1020%2C576&ssl=1
    Schwerin Castle, Germany. (Photo: public domain)
  • Ludwigslust.jpg?fit=1020%2C576&ssl=1
    Ludwigslust Palace, Germany. (Photo: Lito Seizani)

Renaissance and Baroque surprises lie just a train ride (or a few) away.

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