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Saxony Elects: Meet the candidates face-to-face

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Saxony Elects - Dresden
Dresden, the seat of the Saxon government. Public domain photo

Want to help fight the blue menace? Ask the people hoping to represent us in Dresden what they plan to do. 12 August at Basislager Coworking Leipzig. AND DON’T FORGET TO VOTE IF YOU ARE ELIGIBLE TO!

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Meet the people teaching you to code in 3 months

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Code is not necessarily rocket science
Public domain image

Come meet potential employer PRISMA and ask Code Camp Leipzig questions about their fast track to learning coding – a skill enabling you to use your creativity to positively impact your community, while putting cash in your pocket. Open house on 25 July.

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Can’t beat developers for jobs? Become one of them

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Developers training
Developers can be hiding in plain sight, in the most unusual places. (Pixabay photo)

Another day, another job search in the cafĂ© with free WiFi. Hundreds of free positions for developers in Leipzig. None for you, because you don’t know how to code. But what if you could learn in 3 months, and even walk away with a paid gig as a developer?

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Rising star aims to transform plastic disposal in Ghana

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LeipGlo has interviewed Alhassan Muniru, a bright young entrepreneur from Ghana who has studied at Leipzig University. As head of the organization Recycle Up! Ghana, he has grabbed the attention of the World Bank and hobnobbed with the likes of former United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. 

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Riding the red dragon: German startups in Shanghai

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DC-Hub sends German startups to Shanghai, China, to gain Chinese expertise in one of the world's main startup hotspots, with China itself being in Top 10.
DC-Hub sends German startups to Shanghai, to gain Chinese expertise in one of the world's main startup hotspots.

Germany is sending startup founders to Shanghai four weeks at a time, to learn Chinese business culture and approaches to innovation and versatility. The DC-Hub accelerator program is developed between Shanghai and Leipzig, with Basislager Coworking as local partner.

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Look right here.
Look right here.

LeipGlo Euro Classifieds A space for advertising or finding services, products, housing, and many other things among Leipzig’s global and local community. About For one euro a day here, you can get a logo or personal picture posted, accompanied by a text of up to 1000 characters, for our entire audience to see. Your photo or…

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