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Keep calm and look up the Queen on Wikipedia

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The Queen’s portrait in the backstage area of Moritzbastei, Leipzig. Photo: Maximilian Georg

Everything you wanted to know about the Queen of England, the world’s oldest historical people, and politicians’ candy drawers but were afraid to ask.

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In memoriam: a guide to Bud Spencer films

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Bud Spencer died this summer. Here's a short guide to films in which this legend appears. https://leipglo.com

Perhaps Spencer’s biggest fans don’t live in Italy, or in the U.S., where most of his films are set – but in Germany.

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Carnaval: beer, glitter and Gerard Butler

in Philosophies/Travel by
Stalking Gerard Butler at Rio Carnival 2010... photo: Gerard's friend

Confessions from a random chick who landed in the VIP.

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5 songs that evoke celebrity crushes, favorite movies and TV shows (with videos)

in Culture / Entertainment/TV by

…Another kind of rock band I like, in a different vein, is Fun Lovin Criminals, and along with a lot of Brits who grew up with TFI Friday, we can easily picture Huey (the lead singer) in our heads. “Scooby Snacks” (song Number Three here) is one of their great numbers, but also has samples of two of my favourite Tarantino films, namely Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs. Not only do I luv the song but I staged a performance in my uni years with water pistols that mimicked the Ringo and Yolanda diner-stick-up scene in Pulp Fiction.

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