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Cultural exchange

Nordic writers: a special way with words

in Glocal/Literature
Photo credit: Harshil.Shah via VisualHunt.com / CC BY-ND

For long they’ve been leaving their mark in the literary world – way before the girl came along with her dragon tattoo.

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Would Karl Heine be Karl Heine without Noch Besser Leben?

in Arts/Business/My Leipzig

Noch Besser Leben needs your help urgently. It is in danger of closing now, if it doesn’t raise €12,000 right away.

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Australia Day? The debate continues

in Glocal/Society
Cathy Freeman wins gold in 1994. Dons Australian and Aboriginal flags.

As the celebrations start Down Under, Rachael Clugston remains torn.

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Wampanoag: thanks, but no thanks

in History/Philosophies/Society
The first Thanksgiving between the settlers and the Wanpanoag painted by Ferrie 311 years later

As we try not to talk about politics, religion or one’s love life in an effort to keep dinner pleasant, I hope we give thought to those who are not celebrating this holiday.

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Teaching Germans the Indian dances I grew up with (with video)

in Arts/Culture / Entertainment
Teaching German women the dances from childhood in India. Photo courtesy of Amrapali Zaveri.

Amrapali Zaveri describes a little bit of the experience of seven German women learning from her the “Dandiya” and “Garba” dance and performing it in Leipzig, as well as the cultural and historical background of the dances. You can catch them at the Leipzig Sommerfest und Trödelmarkt this Satuday.

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