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My weekend in Leipzig: from Reudnitz to Connewitz

Last Saturday, I donned my rain-defying tights, torn denim shorts, tank-top and jacket sans hoodie, jumped on my bike and spent much of the afternoon and part of the evening at Reudnitz’s Sonderposten and surroundings. I could already hear the samba drums when approaching Lene-Voigt-Park where that community fest took place, and once there, I was pleasantly


April 14: My first radio appearance, @ Radio Blau in #Leipzig


Invited by my friend and local celebrity musician Dolus Mutombo, I will appear on Leipzig's Radio Blau Tuesday, April 14, from 6 to 7 in the evening. I'll be on the multicultural show Zwischenraum, along with Dolus, now a regular contributor, and host Azzeddine Touggourt. We'll be talking about this blog and what I hope


April 9-15: Movies in English and other foreign languages playing in #Leipzig

Earlier this week on Monday, I started posting here a listing of movies being shown in Leipzig in their original languages other than German (meaning not dubbed but often subtitled in German). It’s good to be able to find them in one listing, along with the addresses and languages in which they’re playing, so I


Foreign movies in English and other original languages playing in #Leipzig (April 6-8)

Leipzig is becoming ever hipper and more cosmopolitan, but the availability of foreign movies in their original language – meaning not dubbed into German and instead often given German subtitles – in cinemas here is still limited. If you’re a movie addict like me, you’d really like to know when and where to find them… right