Interview: Die Leipziger Integrationsmesse 2022


Nach einer langen Unterbrechung durch die Pandemie findet die Integrationsmesse der Stadt Leipzig endlich wieder in Präsenz statt. Im Interview sprechen wir mit Jakob Lanman Niese, Mitarbeiter des Referats für Migration und Integrations der Stadt Leipzig, über die im Juni stattfindende Messe. Die Messe wird veranstaltet von der Stadt Leipzig und dem gemeinützigen Verein ARBEIT


Travel and being a total foreigner

In China, I was blissfully a toddler; as soon as I returned to Germany, I was reminded of my inadequacy.


Clashing Cultures and Cuisines

If you have been following my columns since I started, they have been all about TV and films, but in these times of austerity and cutbacks in the arts, I wanted to show my respect for the great things happening in theater as well. In light of this and coming from a theater background the


“Don’t give Legida more attention than it deserves”


Another enlightening interview from our glocal politics and history writer: "Legida’s presence is a reminder that the image of Leipzig as Germany’s hipster capital is utterly incomplete... The city’s Head of Unit for Migration and Integration, Stojan Gugutschkow... shared some interesting insights [on Legida, xenophobia and related matters] and finished off with a message for