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SLIXS: funking on the PLAYGROUND

in My Leipzig/Reviews

Self-proclaimed vocal bastards in the a capella world, SLIXS is not what you’d expect.

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Seraleez’s Christine Seraphin: life’s good

in Concerts/Music

I sing all the time. All the time. You can ask my friends. It doesn’t matter what I am doing or where I am.

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Martin Kohlstedt: rewiring piano

in Concerts/Music
Martin Kohlstedt photo Peter Runkewitz

Lenka tells us why she loves Martin Kohlstedt. Leipglo does too and is offering 2 free tickets to his upcoming show at Täubchenthal.

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I’m all about that jazz: Chornfeld Choir

in Events/Music
Chornfeld Choir

This ain’t your grandma’s choir.

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Feeling at home @ Lofft

in Arts/Dance
Yoko found her John. Time for my free sekt. Blind date at the Lofft. photo by maeshelle west-davies

Next Blind Date Fr 28 April with artists from Leipzig, Dresden and Prague as part of Dance transit Praha.Dresden.Leipzig.

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10 reasons to spend your next NYE in New Orleans

in Travel
Photo via wokandapix via VisualHunt.com

It turned out to be one of the best New Year’s Eves that I can remember.

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