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What will we do with our Mondays?

in Opinion/Refugees
Without LEGIDA, what will we do on Mondays?

After we cheer our new found peace, we can think about what’s next.

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Andreas Kemper’s take on today’s AfD

in Politics
Frauke Petry of the AfD

Kemper explains the agendas of the groups that form the AfD and why it is dangerous to underestimate them.

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Divisive Nationalism in today’s world

in Opinion/Politics

Is the unraveling of democracy near? Is there a globalized racism epidemic? Or are people’s fears and prejudices of a different nature?

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A dance with peers: first anti-Legida demo

in Community/Literature
Photo credit: CarlosDiazME via Visual Hunt / CC BY

As the anniversary of the first demonstrations in Leipzig approaches, exactly a month from now in January, this text offers a good opportunity for reflection.

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“Don’t give Legida more attention than it deserves”

in Community/Politics

Another enlightening interview from our glocal politics and history writer: “Legida’s presence is a reminder that the image of Leipzig as Germany’s hipster capital is utterly incomplete… The city’s Head of Unit for Migration and Integration, Stojan Gugutschkow… shared some interesting insights [on Legida, xenophobia and related matters] and finished off with a message for Leipzig’s English-speaking community.”

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Sachsen’s ugly side

in Community/Politics
Neo-nationalist protests in Freital, LVZ-Online

Leipzig is not just cool alternative events and venues and beautiful parks and lakes and not just a sense of community and solidarity, either; unfortunately, as our political columnist explores today, the problem of xenophobia in Leipzig and its region, perhaps most infamously in Dresden, has been tainting the news for a while, long before Pegida and Legida came along.

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