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Franziska Güttler: eternal hope at MdbK


"The paintings of Franziska Güttler are a rare opportunity to get released from reality and enter a world of fantastical freedom."


Yoko Ono in Leipzig: Peace is Power


"The retrospective is definitely worth experiencing. When I was there on a weekday recently, I saw people interacting. Teens were gluing together broken tea cups and saucers and excitedly stamping peace on parts of maps. Preteens were asking questions. Adults of all ages were enthralled."


Zohar Fraiman: artist in blue at MdbK

Leipzig's MdbK continues to make bold statements, having hosted its first female-only exhibition.


Virtual normality. Netzkünstlerinnen 2.0

Due to public demand, MdbK's current exhibition of female digital natives has been extended for the time being. GO!