Curated Monthly: Top art picks in Leipzig this February


This year's return of the HBG Rundgang, Neo Rauch and avant-garde photography in Chemnitz: Leipglo's art writer Clementine Butler-Gallie takes us through what's happening in Leipzig's art scene this February.


Rundgang tip: Grit Hachmeister at ASPN

"You’ll be drawn in by the wallpaper that bears his image. The dogs in the drawings will make you smile. The ceramic pieces will access your imagination. And the images will let you in on his journey."


Round and round we go


Just a tiny taste of what you should see in art this weekend.


Open Studios @ Spinnerei

What not to miss at Spinnerei Rundgang 30 Apr- 1May


May 1-2: Spinnerei galleries in Leipzig open wide for springtime tour, 10th edition


I highly recommend you taking part of your Labor Day weekend to visit Spinnerei in Plagwitz, the big old textile mill that has been turned into the most famous set of art galleries in Leipzig. It’s the 10th anniversary of the galleries’ spring open house or “go around” (“Rundgang”); so expect some extra special –