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Glitz (check), glamour (check), gifts (oops)

in Lifestyle/My Leipzig by

Out of gift ideas? Maybe these suggestions will work, or at least get your creative juices flowing.

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Personal Shopper: more than a fluff party

in Movies/Reviews by

Out on DVD, blu-ray and digital, Personal Shopper will have you wondering what is making those noises you didn’t hear before watching it.

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Your friendly neighborhood sex shop

in Lifestyle by
Sex shop culture in New Orleans, Leipzig and elsewhere - article inspired by Wave Gotik Treffen and a classy vibrator ad. https://leipglo.com

Why shouldn’t consensual, pleasurable sex be normalized?

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Happy Holidays: sorry, we’re closed

in Action/Leipzig by

Time to plan your time wisely. Almost all shops are open half day 24th and then closed til Mon 28th.

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