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Afternoon with gourmet booze, stencil and skulls

in Business/Lifestyle

“They sold a wide variety of wares, while sharing a theme of craftiness and sustainability rather than mass production. From shoeshine to moonshine, fruity pestos to hand-decorated faux-eggs, coco-charcoal to recycled denim bags, gritty T-shirt art to luscious deli blocks and cuts.”

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Glitz (check), glamour (check), gifts (oops)

in Lifestyle/My Leipzig
Can't beat Butlers for party place settings. (photo: maeshelle west-davies)

Out of gift ideas? Maybe these suggestions will work, or at least get your creative juices flowing.

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Personal Shopper: more than a fluff party

in Movies/Reviews
Kirsten Stewart reaches new heights in Personal shopper.

Out on DVD, blu-ray and digital, Personal Shopper will have you wondering what is making those noises you didn’t hear before watching it.

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Children’s shops: a Leipzig mum’s picks

in Leipzig/Leipzig tips/Lifestyle
Looking for where to buy unique gifts in Leipzig for children? We've got some hot tips. https://leipglo.com
Looking for where to buy unique gifts in Leipzig for children? We've got some hot tips. Public domain photo.

Here in Leipzig, we may be far away from that ideal children’s wonderland that exists on social media, but we still have a couple of nicely curated shops around.

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Your friendly neighborhood sex shop

in Lifestyle
Sex shop culture in New Orleans, Leipzig and elsewhere - article inspired by Wave Gotik Treffen and a classy vibrator ad. https://leipglo.com
Jimmy Flynt (Standing) Larry Flynt sits on the shoulders of Roger "Ollie" Brooke outside one of his Hustler businesses in 1971. (Photo: Jimmy Flynt/Wikimedia Commons license)

Why shouldn’t consensual, pleasurable sex be normalized?

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Happy Holidays: sorry, we’re closed

in Action/Leipzig
Leipzig city center. Photo: Stefan Hopf
Leipzig city center. Photo: Stefan Hopf

Time to plan your time wisely. Almost all shops are open half day 24th and then closed til Mon 28th.

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