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Review: “Lamb” and “Deutschland 83”

in Culture / Entertainment/History/Reviews/TV

These two screen gems are/were a delight to watch, even if one may be a bit more like rough coal to some.

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Stage and Screen: The Stars Strike Back

in Arts/Culture / Entertainment/Leipzig/Movies/Opinion/Reviews
Leipzig city center. Photo: Stefan Hopf
Leipzig city center. Photo: Stefan Hopf

The force acts as one – that’s what happens when two geeky sic-fi vigilantes and Leipglo columnists go to watch Star Wars.

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Mac batty beth

in Reviews/Theater
Lindsay Raggett and Justin Sands in Elsie & Norm's Macbeth, photo Kapuczino

Something witty this way comes via English Theatre Leipzig

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Stage and Screen: Code Black; the new ER

in Culture / Entertainment/TV

Code Black certainly has enough about it to become a good series for me to continue with, and it is nice to see very strong female characters on mainstream TV in an ensemble cast of mainstays and aspiring-to-be ones.

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Stage and Screen: An actor’s story….post the Fringe

in Arts
raymond wilson as robin in cleansed, photo ana beatriz ribero

As a stage performer and recently a mentor I am always keeping an eye and an ear or two out for new talented performers. One of the places you can be sure that new talent crops up is the Edinburgh Fringe. But as I have not been there for an age and a bit, I…

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Stage and Screen: The Square somewhat abandoned by us

in Movies

Been awhile since I have been left horrified and speechless by a documentary.

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