Leila Cordeiro e Eliakim Araújo on Conexão América

Eliakim Araújo 1941-2016


It is with heavy heart that we celebrate the life and career of Brazilian journalist and TV anchor Eliakim Araújo, who died of cancer yesterday.

A law student, he started his journalistic career at age 20 when he was asked to write for Radio Continental do Rio (Continental Radio Rio). Within the year he went from penning words to voicing them on air. After nearly 20 years in radio at Radio Jornal do Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, listeners could see his charisma on screen when, in 1983, he was invited by Rede Globo to anchor the late night news show Jornal da Globo. During his six years there, he also sporadically presented editions of almost every other TV news at the station.

In 1986 Jornal da Globo saw history being made when fellow journalist Leila Cordiero replaced Leilane Neubarth. They became the first couple to anchor a news show together in Brazil. Eliakim and Leila had been married just two years at the time. Their off-air chemistry translated on air and the public embraced them.

Life, love and career flourished for the couple as the family grew to four, and they moved to Manchete in Rio and SBT in São Paulo.

In 1997 the pair was invited by the major American television network CBS to anchor CBS Telenoticias, the first international news channel in Portuguese. The project lasted three years. Eliakim and Leila then decided to remain in the United States with their children. Eliakim and Leila continued to work for various projects and they did some together. The bond between them and the public never waned. At the end of his life, Eliakim was hosting the news show Conexão América with his wife and love of his life.

And more importantly the bond between the two of them only deepened with time. And were it not for this legacy and love, you probably would not be reading this. Our chief editor and the founder of The Leipzig Glocal, Ana, is their daughter. While the masses mourn this wonderful man, we thank him for what he has brought to our lives.

Ana and her dad
Ana and her dad

My dad, my great inspiration. So many love and admire and remember you fondly – you and your booming voice, strong will and amazing sense of humor. Up until the very end.

Artist, curator and writer: maeshelle west-davies gleans her varied life experiences to expose a personal perspective through a multitude of mediums.

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