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Backstage with DOK Spotters

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Public domain photo, Pixabay.

Two students from Leipzig sat down with me and gave me a glimpse into what it’s like to navigate the international film circuit still in their teens.

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DOK Preview: “My Life as a Zucchini”

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"Ma Vie de Courgette" movie poster.

He makes cities out of his mother’s discarded beer cans. He makes a happy kite out of his father’s abandonment.

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From Cannes to Leipzig at the Filmkunstmesse

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Filmkunstmesse is coming to Leipzig and we give you some of the highlights. http://leipglo.com

Though you may not be able to don a frock and rock the red carpet in Cannes, you can surely get your film festival fix this year.

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School Holidays: KINO FINO foreign film festival

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The kids have off, so now what? There’s a really exciting foreign film festival called KINO FINO on for kids and teens. At only 4.50€ it’s super cheap and includes a workshop run by a native speaker with each film. Five years ago Eucaris Guillen, who immigrated here from Panama more than 20 years ago,…

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Queer Film Week

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We give you showtimes for the upcoming film fest here and indicate which films are in the original language with subtitles.

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Leipzig Events / Openings and Premieres: Not into costumes? Don’t worry, there’s still stuff for YOU! 30 Oct – 4 Nov

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shop, dance, eat…..it’s the WEEKEND!

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