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Why I dislike the Christmas Market

in Music/Philosophies by

Voice, lyrics, production and article by Ana Beatriz Ribeiro. (The views in this post do not necessarily reflect the views of The Leipzig Glocal. Just its grumpy editor.)

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Duckie L’Orange: the traveling puppeteer

in Arts/Stage/What's on by

What do vaginas and puppets have in common? Ask Duckie when she joins Shameless at Noch Besser Leben Wed 22 March.

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Did you say, “Cunt Hammer?”

in Culture / Entertainment/Stage/What's on by

We’re all very silly people and this seems like the silliest way to perform.

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Review: A second opinion on Elsie and Norm’s Macbeth

in Arts/Culture / Entertainment/Leipzig/Reviews/Travel by

In the spirit of giving a forum to as many voices as possible on LeipGlo, we present a different perspective we received on the English Theatre Leipzig’s latest production.

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Leipzig Events and Theatre: A funny kind of Macbeth

in Arts/Events/Theater by

What happens when a bored couple try to stage Macbeth in their living room?

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Leipzig Events: Multicultural stand-up comedy in English Thursday

in Arts/Culture / Entertainment by

Plagwitz’s Noch Besser Leben hosts stand-up comedy in English periodically, and the next one is Thursday, June 18. According to their Facebook event page, the lineup for Thursday, brought by Comedy in English Berlin, includes comedians from the U.S., Russia, Poland and Ireland; the emcee is from Colombia. The show starts at 9 p.m. For more fun events happening in Leipzig this week, visit our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/leipglo.

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