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Expat life

So you want to live in Leipzig?

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Leipzig Zentrum-Ost. (Photo: Marjon Borsboom)

Marjon helps you think on practical terms if you decide to take the leap and land in LE.

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I won’t be home for the holidays

in Glocal/Philosophies by

But perhaps I do wish I were rooted somewhere.

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On being American… in Trump’s America

in Opinion/Society by
Trump's America is an insult to the diversity of Americans. Public domain photo.

Do Europeans really know what it’s like being non-white in the U.S. – especially now?

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Joy and pain of kicking stability in the balls

in Lifestyle/Philosophies by
If I’d stuck around long enough, I’d probably have secured better agreements and/or contracts with house, car, cell phone, boyfriend and job. Instead, I chose to deal a decisive blow to any stability I might have for the foreseeable future. http://leipglo.com

I followed my gut and ran.

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Glocal spotlight: Kuba the comedian

in Glocal/My Leipzig by
The Polish Kuba dedicates himself to a show on Radio Blau, stand-up comedy with the Shameless troupe, and a 9-to-5 job. http://leipglo.com

Never getting into German comedy could be what nudged the Polish Kuba into English stand-up.

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Glocal spotlight: Cade McCall

in Glocal/My Leipzig by
American Cade McCall on what makes Leipzig his favorite city in the world. http://leipglo.com

Today, you get to meet a witty brain scientist and Leipzig culture aficionado.

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