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Zagreb’s gallery of broken hearts

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The Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb. Photo: Ana Ribeiro

The concept of giving a cathartic shrine to breakups began in the Croatian capital in 2006, and has traveled to other cities in Europe, the Americas and Asia; a branch has now opened in Hollywood.

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Poem: “27 voice messages”

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Poem: 27 voice messages a daughter will refuse to ever listen to, having inherited her father's cell phone shortly after the evening he departed, never to return. Photo: public domain

27 calls, a week or a day too late to be heard.

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Train your brain to be happier in 2017

in Lifestyle by

Happiness is easier than you think.

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Eliakim Araújo 1941-2016

in Culture / Entertainment/TV by

Were it not for this legacy and love, you probably would not be reading this.

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Creativity: Solace for the Soul

in Philosophies by
  • foxchic-1.jpg?fit=788%2C576
    Fox & Chick - one of the drawings made in our author's current breakup period. Copyright Stewart Tunnicliff.
  • 739845_140108796359414_3593481510133558558_o.jpg?fit=808%2C576

“I really have come to realise the benefits of art during turbulent times.”

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Love in the city: lust for the unattainable

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“What exactly is it about attraction, that most of us at one point or another desperately chase something seemingly unreachable then start losing interest when it’s finally served up to us on a plate?”

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