Restaurant review – Jimmy Orpheus at Leipzig west

Our food columnist - Photo by A. Köpping
Our food columnist at Jimmy Orpheus – Photo by A. Köpping

So when I moved to Schleußig two years ago, I thought this neighborhood was great in terms of quality of life (like supermarket, bakeries and general nice feeling) but lacked nice places to hang out and have a coffee. That until three weeks ago when I discovered that this new place, Jimmy Orpheus, had opened at Industriestraße 18. When I saw the place while driving back home, I said to myself, I must go and try it.

To be honest I have not been disappointed. Coming from Brussels where restaurants and coffee places have a lot of competition and therefore need to keep really high standards, I was a bit disappointed when I first moved here. First of all I thought that generally, restaurants and bars do not pay enough attention to aesthetics (even in places that have a strong food concept), and secondly I find the service mediocre (sometime even in expensive places).

Photo by A. Köpping

So in terms of aesthetics I was positively surprised because the owners paid a great deal of attention to all the details, from the colors of the walls to the menu; they had a holistic approach that goes not unnoticed. When you enter the café you immediately feel the fifties ambiance from the lamps to the tables and chairs. I was amazed by the coherence of the décor. The big framed pictures add a funky edge to the sobriety of the décor.

Then comes the menu. Instead of opting for a classical printed menu, the owners opted to invest a bit more in the design. The doodles of the food and drinks totally worked for me. In terms of content, their menu focused on quality instead of quantity; they have four breakfast options and perhaps six or seven lunch options, but almost all their products are regional and organic. I also tend to trust small menus more than large ones, because with small menus you can be sure that most of the products will be fresh and not ready-made, because it’s easier to manage for the kitchen. I also appreciated their organic tea selection and the fact that their alcoholic drinks are not well-known commercial brands.

Now in terms of taste, I had the scrambled eggs breakfast, along with bread, butter and sour cherry marmelade. It was good but a bit simple, I would have liked my eggs a bit more spicy. I really liked the sour cherry marmalade. For lunch I tried the milk rice with the apfelmuss and I have to say it tasted really good, it was not too sweet and the creaminess was perfect. In terms of service, the staff is very friendly but on a Sunday you should expect to wait a bit for your breakfast. If you go during the week, it is a very quick service.

My conclusion: If you are somewhere in Schleußig, make sure to go have a drink or a bite there. For those who live there, I think this place has the potential to become a regular hangout place.

Photo by A. Köpping

"Good food makes good people". In her column, Alexandra will present the culinary diversity that exists in Leipzig by discovering new and exciting places to eat. She will also present the family recipes from people who live in Leipzig, as a way to show the cultural diversity that exists in this city.

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