Children’s shops: a Leipzig mum’s picks


Since I became a mum I have discovered a whole new world of fetishization of motherhood (especially on Instagram) and children products. I mean look here, here, here, and at my personal favorite Chloé Fleury (even her name is cute). She’s a French paper artist from Chicago making amazingly cute paper animals. I could carry on, as my Instagram feed is full of them, but I think you get the picture.

Here in Leipzig, we may be far away from that ideal children’s wonderland that exists on social media, but we still have a couple of nicely curated shops around. If you are visiting the city and need a gift for your children, nieces or nephews, you will appreciate the fact that what you are going to get them will be more unique.

Here are my top 5:


You can forget about plastic when you visit this shop. It is full of wonderful wooden toys that you can keep not only for your children, but also for your grandchildren. Plus, they have a great section with toys for adults and circus accessories. There are three in Leipzig: 1) Karl Liebknecht Str. 36, 2) Industriestraße 20 and 3) Städtisches Kaufhaus.


This is a cute clothes and shoes shop. I have completely fallen in love with the stuffed rabbits they have on display. You will also find Scandinavian and organic brands. The address: Schenkendorfstraße 24. It’s off Karli.


They have got children’s clothing and shoes as well as really cool children’s backpacks (I have my eyes set on a really cute Spaceboy bag for my daughter). On top of that, they also sell snack boxes and bottles in many patterns and colors. The shop also has a secondhand section. They always have a rack outside with reduced-price items. They have good winter collection options, e.g. waterproof overalls that will keep your children dry although it’s pouring outside. They have a lot of Scandinavian brands like this one. It is in Schleußig: Könneritzstraße 60.


This is a very cute little shop where I have been tons of times, on the same street as the previous one. You will find the unisex brand loud + proud, whose t-shirts and bodies are so full of color and made with organic cotton. I also loved the tights that have a pattern on the bottom. I think it is appropriate for babies who crawl all the time. They also have Sebra items (which are my favorite for the little ones) and cute night lamps. Address: Könneritzstraße 63.


And last but not least: This one I have fallen in love with. It is the Rolls Royce of children’s shops in Leipzig. It has Petit Bateau bodies which I could not find previously. It has really cute dresses and design furniture for the room of your little ones. The last time I was there, they even had nail polish for children (non-toxic and removable with warm water). It is located in the city center: Barfußgäßchen 13.

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