Leipzig Ballet dance in the house, Bilder Museum, inversion of photo by Ida Zenna

Dance in the museum

How about a surprising night at the museum on Wednesday, May 11th?

Not only will there be free admission to the Museum Der Bildenden Künste (MdbK) then, but the Leipzig Ballet will also be there from 7 p.m. It’s part of its TANZ IN DEN HÄUSERN series, where they perform in various locations throughout the city. This cooperation began in December 2014, when the MdbK celebrated its tenth anniversary.

This is particularly exciting because the dancers will be interpreting their favourite works. How could one physically relate to Neo Rauch, Max Klinger or Peter Paul Rubens? The intimate dialogue will consist of 20-minute improvisations.

In addition to the permanent collection, the Via Lewandowsky temporary exhibit – Hokuspokus – is free to visitors on May 11th. Via Lewandowsky was the first to win the prestigious Leipziger Volkszeitung art prize in 1995.

Hokuspokus examines the misconceptions and absurdities around the topics of faith, superstition, fetish, aura, knowledge and reason. Highly cryptic and ironic, Lewandowsky uses appropriation and alienation. In the conflict between faith, myth and knowledge, the objects and installations of Via Lewandowsky open our eyes to the still relevant religion, science and art. He deconstructs beliefs and disenchants fetishes, while at the same time revealing the failure of an overwrought civilisation to communicate.

Via Lewandowsky, Don't Cry, 2015
Via Lewandowsky, Don’t Cry, 2015

For up to the minute information on Leipzig art openings, check art leipzig.

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