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June 2016

Gentrification: the death of Karl Heine?

in My Leipzig/Opinion
wild flowers in Plagwitz photo by maeshelle west-davies

We saw the trophy girlfriends and the tight, white t-shirts of Audi owners who were now parking on the street.

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She Devil: home

in Arts/O & P Highlights
Mary Zygouri's film Simbiosis, part of the She Devil collection

How fluid is our concept of home as women?

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Summer school ain’t what it used to be

in Community/Leipzig
photo by Diana Wesser

There really is something for everybody at this summer school.

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Post-Brexit vote: united in divisions

in Glocal/Politics

What can the EU learn from Brexit?

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English Breakfast, anyone?

in Glocal/Politics

Please EU, just have a cup of tea and be patient, scrambled eggs are off the menu.

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Finding Africa outside Brazil

in Society
I'd grown up in Brazil in the 1990s knowing nothing about Africa except for the tragic images shown on TV, or cultural stereotypes. It took moving away from Brazil for me to get to know a different Africa, although Brazilian politicians like to capitalize on bonds between Brazil and the continent, and there being a large Afro-descendant population in Brazil.
African orphan picture, public domain.

They’d show us Africa as a hopeless place, and as a distant place.

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