Summer school ain’t what it used to be


Summer school is IN! Between July 2nd and 5th you can learn to play the guitar, build a raised garden bed, join an international choir or learn something about the work being done with refugees.

The teachers are as diverse as the Eisenbahnstraße neighborhood: they are from Finland, South-Africa, Syria and Germany, and they range in age from 18 to 79. Individual courses are taught in a variety of languages. All participants are invited to learn and broaden their horizons!

All courses in this summer school are free of charge. Teachers have been asked what they would like to have in exchange. These symbolic “fees” are voluntary, you can attend any course without giving something in return.

For some courses places are limited, therefore booking is required.
Book in advance with Sophia Brock from HAL Atelierhaus: / Tel: 0176 2864 7033

Unless otherwise stated, all courses are held at: HAL Atelierhaus, Hildegardstr. 49, 04315 Leipzig.

The Neighborhood-Summer School is a project by Diana Wesser in cooperation with Hall Atelierhaus Leipzig and Pöge-Haus e.V., in the context of art festival Kunstfest Neustadt 2016.

Hall Atelierhaus photo by Diana Wesser
Hall Atelierhaus photo by Diana Wesser

Summer School Course Program

3/4 July at 6pm, come hang around the campfire in the garden of HAL Atelierhaus. It would be nice if you could bring some food or drinks for the picnic.

Qigong & Meditation / Ingrid Ung

2 July, 11am – 12 noon

Short Meditation, plus seven gentle movement sequences from “Tian Ti” Qigong (“Bridge between heaven and earth”). These movements are of great benefit to all ages, especially if you have aches and pains and suffer from reduced movements. Ingrid Ung is a qualified Qigong instructor and has studied Chinese medicine.

In exchange she would love to talk to you after the course.

Language: English

Venue: Good weather in HAL Garden / bad weather at Pöge-Haus, Hedwigstr.20, 04315 Leipzig

The International Choir / Elias Toumeh

2 July, 3 – 6pm

Possibility for a first performance at 6pm for the opening of the Arts-Festival Kunstfest Neustadt. If there is interest, the choir will be continued.

Elias will teach you a song in a special language that everyone knows. Elias Toumeh is a scout and loves to sing. During a dramatic voyage on the Mediterranean, he was able to calm passengers with his songs.

In exchange, Elias is looking forward to an enjoyable time singing with you.

Languages: English, Arabic & German.

Venue: Pöge-Haus, Hedwigstr.20, 04315 Leipzig.

Painting und Drawing / Christa Turnbull

2-5 July, 12 – 5pm, you can attend at any time over the course of the class. Come once or come often!

Afterwards on 3/4 July join the picnic around the fire.

This course will help you discover your hidden creative talents. Course will consist of what you want to learn about painting and drawing. Be inquisitive! Christa Turnbull was a hairdresser, has lived in Australia, England and Germany, studied psychology at the Open University and arts in Wimbledon at the College of Art and Design.

For: adults and children over 6 years old. No experience necessary. Just come and try a bit of art.

Bring: If you have, bring charcoal, paint, paper & something for a picnic or cake. Some materials will be provided.)

Languages: German & English

Venue: HAL Atelierhaus & outside, depending on the weather.

Guitar for beginners / Robby Seitenschlag

2 – 4 July, 12 – 5:30pm, on the 3/4 picnic by the fire

Robby Seitenschlag introduces you to playing guitar and explains the ground rules. He taught himself to play the guitar and has already shared his knowledge with others many times.

For: adults and children over 6.

Please bring: a guitar if you own one & a contribution to the picnic.

Languages: German & English

Homemade chutneys / Andrea Büttner

2 July, 12 – 2am, followed by a picnic in the HAL garden

Chutneys are spicy; partly sweet, partly sour and sometimes hot side dishes in Indian cuisine. Andrea Büttner will cook her favorite recipes with you. She is a passionate cook and puts her heart and soul into being a host who loves to bring people together to make them happy with delicious food.

In exchange she would like to know your favorite vegan recipes.

Bring along: Ingredients (more information after booking) & storage containers if you have.

Languages: German & English

Exchange experiences about working with refugees /Armin Förster

3 July, 2 – 4pm & 5 July, 3 – 5pm (“Hilde’s Language Tea”)

To get to know each other, help exchange information about working with refugees with a focus on everyday life support, such as the job center, Kita, looking for a flat. Armin Förster is founder of and runs the neighborhood Café “Hildes Sprachtee” (“Hilde’s Language Tea”), an inter-cultural meeting place at HAL-Atelierhaus. On the 5 July he invites you to a field test of the regular “Sprachtee” (optional), an open exchange to get to know other languages and people.

In exchange you are welcome to donate coffee or tea, cake or cookies for Arnim’s neighborhood Café.

For: Adults with or without experience in working with refugees

Languages: German, English & French

Scouts knowledge / Elias Toumeh

3 July, 3 – 7:30pm, from 6pm around fire at the yard of HAL Atelierhaus

Taking part in an adventurous scouts day: making a fire, singing songs, trying the fire-dance, learning how to make knots.

From 6:30 PM onwards please join the party, to finish the evening together with stick bread and toasted marshmallows in the yard of HAL.

Elias Toumeh has been a scout for 14 years and has been working with children for more than 6 years. He says: “being a scout is my life.”

For: Children over 6 years to grown ups of any age.

Bring: ropes (about 6mm) and sticks (e.g. broomsticks) if you have & marshmallows for the camp fire.

Languages: English, Arabic, & German.

Location: urban realm, meeting point at HAL

Percussion for Adults / Sakhile Methula

3 July, 6 – 9pm around the fire

Discover music and rhythm as a universal language. Sakhile Methula is interested in the effect of sound; he organizes jam sessions with other musicians from all over the world.

For: beginners and advanced learners

Bring: a drum if you own one (some instruments will be provided)

Languages: German & English

Percussion for Children from 3 years on / Sakhile Methula

4 July, 2 – 5pm, afterwards picnic around the fire

This workshop invites children to playfully experiment with different hand-percussion varieties. Sakhile Methula organizes jam sessions with musicians from all over the world. He also holds percussion workshops in schools and kindergardens.

Bring along: hand drum if you own one (some instruments are at hand)

Languages: German & English

Circus for Children 8 years and up / Marissa Wloka

4 July, 4 – 6pm, afterwards picnic at the fire

Hand skills: Diabolo, plate spinning, juggling. Marissa Wloka has worked for 10 years as an independent circus pedagogue. She has been traveling for four years around Germany with a circus project.

Bring along: Equipment if you have some, but some items will be provided.

Languages: German & English

In exchange she is looking for contact with people who work with refugees, because she would love to apply herself as a circus pedagogue.

Build a Raised Garden Bed / Die Stadtpflanzer

5 July, 10am – 1pm

In this course you learn all you need to know about building a raised garden bed. In keeping with the motto “A new city is plantable”, the Stadtpflanzer (“City planters”) supports ideas and projects related to the subject of urban gardening. In exchange you are very welcome to bring some plants for the bed that you will collectively build. It will be used as a gift for a refugee home.

Languages: German & English

Artist, curator and writer: maeshelle west-davies gleans her varied life experiences to expose a personal perspective through a multitude of mediums.

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