re-kriˈeiʃən: “example of radical change”


“re-kriˈeiʃən,” a solo exhibit of new work from artist Caroline Hake, opens tonight (24 November) at Galerie b2_, located on the grounds of the Spinnerei.

The title of this art exhibit derives from the phonetic spelling of recreation, which Caroline Hake describes as “intended to express both the recovery and the concept of new/re-creation, […] providing language learners with the correct form of vocal expression. It puts the reader of the much-used and well-known term recreation into a short phase of new beginnings or learning.”

Consisting of photographs and silkscreen prints, the exhibit visually examines change in architectural and social ideologies using abstraction.

In previous exhibitions, Caroline Hake dealt with utopian ideologies of living. Considering how this extends to her current work, Hake references a series of fifteen photographs titled “Upside Down,” taken during the cleanup and disposal of an old school complex.

Photo: Caroline Hake

As the artist explains:

“I photographed in a comprehensive school in Braunschweig, which shows the upheaval situation of an Integrated Comprehensive School (ICS). The photographed school complex dates from 1972 and was one of the first buildings of this new type and concept.

“Room and color design, corridors and guidance systems, auditorium and schoolyard should become the bearers of a democratic idea of school. Equal opportunities and positive synergies should be made possible by bringing together primary, secondary and high school students into one class.

“This ICS was the first in Lower Saxony and was demolished in 2016. The school then received a new modern, smaller building. I photographed in the old building and during the demolition work, the move out of the old building and move into the new building.”

“However, I am not concerned with an architectural review, but rather with the example of this radical change; I would like to emphasize the change in architectural and social ideologies.”

She continues: “In an entirely existential sense, school and education are representative of the endeavor to establish an ideal form of imprinting optimal education and discipline, equal opportunity and the status of knowledge. These ideals reach their limits in reality.”

Photo: Caroline Hake

“Put to the test daily, people follow very individual impulses, other social groups represent different ideas and concepts, and theories often cannot be put into practice.”

Photo: Caroline Hake

One of Caroline Hake’s silkscreen prints appears as hand drawn, jagged pieces of bright turquoise and asphalt tones that take on minimalistic, natural forms of flower petals. Set against a stark white background, the effect produces a cutout environment. The images emerged from photographs taken by Hake during her walks.

“For a long period of time, I took walks in various neighborhoods in spring, photographing flowering plants in front yards. In the background, architectural details can be seen.

“For the silkscreens, I painted over the background and the green leaves of a rhododendron, so that only the blooming flowers and some shadow parts of the leaves are left. The rhododendron is one of the most popular garden plants, although it is very sensitive and costly to maintain.

“The blooming flowers are the highlight and motivation to decorate the small, typical front yards of apartment buildings with various plants. At the same time, they are a type of cliché vanitas symbol.”

Photo: Caroline Hake

“The closeness to nature and its various manifestations should satisfy the human need for relaxation and contemplation and put us in a desirable, ideal state. My work is mostly about this contradiction of the ‘wanting person,’ with their real longings and needs, and the actual conditions of everyday life, in both private and social terms.”

Caroline Hake

24.11. – 22.12.2018

Opening reception:
Saturday, 24 November at 6 p.m.

Galerie b2_ 
Vittoria Castiglioni und Lea Kontak
(Galerieleitung / Directors)

Spinnereistrasse 7, Building 20
04179 Leipzig
+49 341 351 2

Wed – Fri 2 – 6 p.m., Sat 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. and by appointment

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