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Elizabeth Gerdeman

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My life on Mars: art and outer space

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Artist Elizabeth Gerdeman, working on a diorama created for artist Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster’s exhibit Martian Dreams Ensemble. (Photo © Elizabeth Gerdeman)

Contemplating Elon Musk, life as a simulation, and building a planet from scratch.

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HALLE 14: what all the production’s about

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Project by Studio Swine @ HALLE 14. (Photo © Elizabeth Gerdeman)

As part of the Spinnerei Fall Gallery Tour, HALLE 14 is opening its doors at 3 pm Saturday, 8 September, to kick off the exhibition New Urban Production. The project is a search for new relationships between art, design and technology, and their visibility in urban space.

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Highlights: Spinnerei Spring Gallery Tour

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“Requiem for a Failed State,” HALLE 14 gallery, Spinnerei. Photo © Elizabeth Gerdeman

Time to explore the Leipzig art circuit! Some must-sees at the Spinnerei Spring Tour this weekend (and beyond).

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HGB student artworks “on vibrant display”

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Public domain photo, Gratisography.com

The pinnacle of this annual student art exhibit is the opening reception on Thursday evening (this year on 15 Feb). There’s often little more than elbow room for a public eagerly traversing corridors steeped in performances, DJ tables and often thematic beverage stands.

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