candles forming peace sign
Image by Joshua Sukoff, public domain.

Peace, please


Stabat mater dolorosa

Stood the mother weeping

Over the coffin of her son

She was holding a photo of him

In a frame

Her son a soldier, aged twenty-five


The mother didn’t shout, she wasn’t loud

A pretty young woman in black clothes

Her pain was decent and deep

Not ostentatious

She didn’t beat her chest

Nor did she scratch her cheeks with her nails

She just remembered what her son had said:

“Mother for you I go to war

To protect you”.


Stood the mother, utterly lost

Her grief wasn’t showy

In front of the television cameras

She didn’t know what to say

Only that the city where she lived

Was relatively safer than other cities

Which were now being attacked by the enemy

crying woman
Image by Kat J, public domain.

Our home and our family

We, humans, are small

Self-centered and scared

News of the war

Will wake us up, shake us

Will make us worry

Mainly about our home

About our family


When we see photos

Of young soldiers who lost their lives

Of mothers who became refugees

Carrying their babies in their arms

We become sad

We shed a tear

We are human after all


At night we pray

Mainly for our home

For our family

If there is some spare time

We might say a quick prayer

For those who fight

Quickly, as if we wanted to drive the thought away

Not let it come nearer

Not let it threaten us,

Our home

And our family.

Ukrainian refugees
Ukrainian refugees at the border. Image by Kevin Buckert, public domain.


Anti-war songs and poems

Anti-war songs and poems

Will be written

Antimilitarist novels, too

There will be films promoting peace

Picasso-like paintings in galleries

And yet the war will go on

Anti-war protest
Anti-war protest. Image by Cody West, public domain.


Peace isn’t a white dove

Peace isn’t a white dove

Nor a sign in a circle

Peace doesn’t mean preparing for war,

as the saying goes.

Peace is a boring day

When you wake up in the morning

To go to work

When you return home in the afternoon

To do the cooking and the cleaning

To feed your children

And go to sleep again

With the certainty that the next day

Will be as boring as this one

Lito Seizani contributes giving personal insights into being an every-day tourist. She is the author of "The Ideal Bench", which is available on Amazon.

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