Alexandra Athanasopoulou

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#LeckerLeipzig: Special Tarte aux Pommes

That's not apple pie! That's Alexandra's Tarte aux Pommes et Caramel Beurre salé for #LeckerLeipzig!


A tasty alternative for people who crave but cannot eat regular sushi (such as pregnant women)

Our food columnist is a sushi lover and has been craving it, but cannot eat raw meat or fish, since she's pregnant - so what to do? She found a simple, yummy alternative we think you will love, too.


“Je suis une fraise, manges moi!”

I once met a guy who was learning in all possible languages the sentence "I am a strawberry, eat me!" Then when he met people from a specific nationality, he would say it in their language with a perfect accent. He said it was a nice ice breaker. I am not sure how successful it


May 4: With 7 regular columnists and new layout, blog becomes #webzine


Happy Labor Day! Today, on the 2-month anniversary of The Leipzig Glocal, I am proud to announce that we're ready to take the next step on our Web publishing journey. I say "we" because this can only be done with the help of the people who will be contributing their talent to this blog on


Mysterious, subtle, prolific street art in Florence and Pisa

"This post is not about how Florence and Pisa are open air museums. This post is about this anonymous artist who has filled the walls of Florence and Pisa with discreet yet really cool doodles... It’s like a dialogue between the canvas and the paint, which makes the art so much more alive."