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Macbeth is on the Flicks

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Our Kapuczino gives us a glowing review of Macbeth (2015) with some enriching historical context.

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Leipzig Events and Music: Latin Night at Mambodrom on Saturday

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There’s a growing international community here in Leipzig, and music from South America can be heard at every esquina in all the barrios of our area urbana. Well, roughly.

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The Good, The Rough, The Revenant

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Once you’ve settled in your seat, you’ll soon forget there’s popcorn on your lap since the movie will have you devoured from the word go.

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A Star in the Making – Moriah Woods in Leipzig

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Have your Thursday night earmarked as American singer/songwriter Moriah Woods offers you a very sweet reason to leave your homey comfort zone of couch and blanket and swap it for the well-heated basement of Poniatowski. It will be worth it, promise!

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Stage and Screen: The Stars Strike Back

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The force acts as one – that’s what happens when two geeky sic-fi vigilantes and Leipglo columnists go to watch Star Wars.

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